A Landmark Year

We’ve just entered the third month of 2005, and already things have started getting interesting.

First up – Michael Jackson. If there’s one event that 2005 may well be remembered for decades to come, it would be the current on-going trial of the King of Pop for charges of child abuse.

To me, this still feels weird. I, like many other kids of my generation, grew up on the music and spectacular dance moves of the a man who, possibly alongside David Copperfield, was the entertainer of the 1980s.

I had posters, little pocket calendars, a cap and other little trinkets as a souvenir of the unbridled pop-rock era. At school we once sang ‘Heal The World‘ at the assembly in commemoration of Children’s Day. Then some son-of-a-dentist spoiled it all by accusing him of child molestation. The charges were dropped after MJ settled out of court.

And that’s when the magic died. I was sitting for my SPM exams that year, and the World Cup was also a major priority, of course. I stopped being an uber-fan and settled for being someone who simply liked the music, especially from the early years.

Then I got into grunge (Nirvana, Soundgarden) and gangsta rap (Tupac!) and the pop era just went flat – and with that I stopped being a fan.

Next thing I know, MJ’s getting married to Princess Presley, divorced, secretly marrying again, having kids, getting into TV interviews and making a mockery of himself and finally landing himself in trouble with the law.

Why couldn’t he just accept the inevitable and gracefully withdraw from the spotlight into retirement?

Man, it’s gonna be weird if he does get convicted. Michael Jackson going to jail – who would’ve thunk it 20 years ago?

On another note, 2005 is the tenth anniversary of many of the web’s most well-loved (or well-known, at least) brands – Yahoo!, eBay and Amazon were born in 1995, while Netscape had its IPO that year. (Note: Although Amazon.com began life as we know it in ’95, it was originally incorporated as Cadabra.com in 1994.)

Quick Update: I just went through the Yahoo! Netrospective linked below – and man, am I wallowing in nostalgia! Suddenly I’m deluged with memories of the Internet’s first celebrity (Mahir!), the dancing baby phenomenon, the Heaven’s Gate cult, the Blair Witch Project net buzz, Naked News(!!), Napster, etc..

Oh, and did you know that former-PM Mahathir has a special place too in the annals of web history? He took part in a historic first-ever live online session between 3 heads of government (Link).

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Can’t wait to see what the rest of 2005 brings. Seacrest out.


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  1. Great post. Makes me feel all nostalgic and old…(wonder why people over 25 always give me dirty looks when i say that..)
    That yahoo netrospective thing was really good…found out about some stuff i never knew existed! Flashmob sounds like fun 😀

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