How To Be A Jedi (without the training)

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Lightsaber Effect Rotoscoping In A Premiere Filmstrip

Ever since we saw the original Star Wars in 1977 (when it didn’t say “Episode IV A New Hope”), enthusiasts such as myself have been wanting to have the ability to generate similar effects. Well it’s been a long wait, but finally the equipment and the technique are within our grasp!

The rotoscoping technique described in this page has been substantially improved since the original “Henry and His New Toy” tutorial! The benefits of the new method are:

  • Easier and faster — ends of saber round automatically
  • Better look — truer to the Lucasfilm effect
  • More detailed tutorial — explicit step-by-step instructions

This is so cool, it makes me want to grab a video camera, some rods, and, and, and… you know…. kick some Droid butt!

Oh, and while you’re on that page (link above), check out the homemade saber films – some of them are dead links, but the first link [24 MB] is amazing!!! (make sure you keep watching till after the end credits..)

So, anyone up for some lightsaber swashbuckling?

7 thoughts on “How To Be A Jedi (without the training)”

  1. Ash: Anytime, tuan direktor. Need some scriptwriting help? 😀

    BM: Jedis of the Carribean!! w00t!

    lionel: Yes, poor kid. Fame is not meant for everyone. I wonder how much it’s costing him in therapy fees…

    LcF: My pleasure – and it IS cool, isn’t it? 😉

    T-Boy: Sure thing – but must ask tuan direktor Ash about roles. (I call Sith Lord!!)

    james: Something tells me we’re gonna be seeing a a baby Jedi coming soon to a blog near you! 😀

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