Idola Americana

It’s that time again. American Idol is back.

Hey, what the hell, I’ll admit it – I’m a frickin’ huge fan of the show. And I’ve been following every episode since the auditions.

While we have not encountered any of the William-Hung kind, there were still a hell of a lot of nutty wannabe-pop-stars making an appearance. How about that guy whose friends told him he sounded like Brian McKnight? Honestly, now you know that lying to people (even as a compliment) is not good.

Please – save your friends the humiliation. Tell them they suck, OK?

How about that woman who sang “I Feel The Earth Move….”, complete with movements and all? And that psychic who was certain she’d make it to Hollywood? Or the guy who thought he had made a winning bet with Simon Cowell that if he got himself a record deal, Simon will pay him something (can’t remember the exact amount)? Actually what Simon said was he’d pay up if the contestant got himself a NO. 1 record. Big difference there…..

But that was all the fun part over with. Now we’re into the serious stuff. The battle for American Idol has begun in earnest.

This season, there’re a couple of differences, of course. We’d have already seen the guest judges like Brandy and LL Cool J appearing at the auditions alongside Cowell, Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul. Also, this season will see the finalists split into two groups: 12 men and 12 women. The finals will aired on TV for three days, starting today, with the men performing tonight, the women performing tomorrow night, and the results show the night after.

Now we’ve all got our favourites. And I’ve got my bets on a certain group of people – although I suppose my preferences may have been shaped by the show’s producers who only highlighted a few of the contestants during the initial stages.

People like Constantine, for example. I have a feeling that a man will win the competition this year, although this feeling is not at all based on facts but merely because of the trend of the winners of the show being alternated between the sexes (Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Stoddard, Fantasia Barrino). And from the first time we see Constantine, you know the producers took some pains in promoting the rocker to the public. And they did it well. I don’t think anyone from the previous seasons had the same brooding rocker quality this guy has. And yes, I’m rooting for him. Wouldn’t it be cool if a pop-star talent show like this is won by a rock star? In fact, a Belgian Idol competition was won by a rocker named Peter Evrard who then performed Nirvana’s Lithium at the World Idol. (Btw, it looks like the World Idol concept has been dropped, so it looks like our Malaysian Idol Jac won’t be showing her stuff to the world after all. Well, I’m sure there are other ways to take on the world.)

Some others I think who could pull of a win are Anwar Robinson (dig those dreadlocks, dude), country-music beauty Carrie Underwood, irrepressible teen Mikalah Gordon, and the latino-Justin-Timberlake-lookalike Mario Vazquez (also another dude I’m rooting for). Of course, these predictions are all based on first impressions only, and there might just be a few Jon Stevens out there among this group.

Before the season started, I remember reading somewhere that Simon Cowell referred to the current batch of finalists as being far superior to last season’s.

Tonight, we shall see if his statement holds water.


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  1. I like all the three rockers but what’s the result of Thursday’s? Had Toastmasters and missed it. For the gals, I didn’t quite like Carrie, but maybe that’s because I dislike things country (I can’t stomach some of Shania Twain’s songs, even!). During the female-only show, I preferred the first girl and the one who had a bit of an attitude. Both were black, I believe. Can’t remember their names! 🙂 Don’t tell me to go to the websites! I refuse to get sucked into total fan-dom!!

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