Day Mostly Wasted

I just wasted a substantial part of the day hating Windows, software, the world and penguins (in that order).

See, here’s the thing – I’m finally sick and tired of the various problems I’ve been suffering as a result of using Windows XP here at the office (I mean, really, do I even need to elaborate?)

Also, a new assignment requires me to use a certain software that only runs on a certain open-source OS.

So the decision was made to finally make that big move to Linux.

Now, despite my lack of faith in the Gates Windows OS, I have to admit that my knowledge of Linux is rather pathetic at best. As such, the most logical choice was to let my more knowledgeable colleagues handle the migration for me.

Well, the backing up process was not a problem – namely, I didn’t do any. All I need, I already had in a USB drive.

So, the first thing to do was to partition the drives. We decided to use Partition Magic (PM)(‘cos, basically, it was already installed in some of my co-workers systems, and they’re comfortable with it. I mean, why argue with that?)

Bad news – for some frickin reason, I kept getting installation errors when trying to install PM on my PC. Wtf? I tried and tried and tried and tired (you think that was a typo? Think again) until I was this close (imagine my index finger nanometres away from my thumb) to smashing the PC, fo’ shizzle ma nizzle….

Anyway, the problem seemed to be that the PM setup program thought there was another installed version on my PC, and therefore steadfastly refused to go on and install the program. I thought of getting on my knees and begging for it to just install, damn it, INSTALL! But then I thought, “What’d the neighbours say?”

I ran a third-party registry cleaner to clean up the registry, which is usually the cause of such problems. However I ended up with a trial software that only fixes two registry errors at a time, and thanks to some really sucky internet connection at the office today, I wasn’t able to download another reg cleaner.

So there I was, clicking Start-Scan-Clean-Start-Scan-Clean-Start-Scan-Clean-Start-Scan-Clean non-stop for about an hour! (Yes, I had THAT much errors in my registry – what can I say except BLAME MICROSOFT!)

After cleaning every last problem with the registry, I tried installing PM again – DOH! No luck, I was still getting the same error.

So this time, trying to convince myself that fear is not a factor for me, I dived into regedit and searched for anything matching the keyword ‘partition magic’. I deleted every one of them – now, this is not always a wise thing to do, so kids – don’t try this at home – or school – or work, ESPECIALLY at work….

But still no cure for the recurring ailment that was fast approaching crisis proportions (everything bad happening to me IS a crisis, after all, doth not the world revolve around me? Send your answers to….)

My colleague then joined the party-tion fun, and also dived straight into regedit. This time, he searched for – and deleted – almost everything with the ‘partition’ keyword.

Yet. Still. No. Success. By now, I felt perhaps that the only other option left to me was to aim a kick at the PC monitor and claim self-defence. Phwoar! Kick of Death mah….

But in the end, considering the fact that the PC is but an innocent shell driven involuntarily by an evil parasitic program that sucks its…

Err. Anyway, it’s just a piece of metal. Why kill something that ain’t alive in the first place, eh?

So, here we are – a Mexican stand-off. I can’t install Linux, cos I can’t create a partition, cos I can’t install Partition Magic, cos I can’t install any other partitioning tool, cos no one around (including me) has ever worked with anything BUT Partition Magic, cos we’re too bloody tired to try to learn something else and end up screwing up the bloody network, and therefore causing civilisation as we know it to come to a grinding halt! Do you want that to happen, do you, cause civilisation to come to a GRINDING HALT, do ya?!?

At times like these, I want to just give up and live on a mountain, thinking about what to tell people when they climb up and ask me “Dear Holy Guru of Mt Bukit Kecik, what is the meaning of life?

Send your answers to….


6 thoughts on “Day Mostly Wasted”

  1. Most modern linux distros some with good partition tool. Mandrake has the best thus far. Even has the ability to resize NTFS partition. But as always there are risks involved so be careful. Anyway what app do you need to get installed, coz most of this open source software can also be installed in it’s unix form via cygwin.

  2. Ash: It’s not 42, is it?

    BM: I need to use GPSDrive, and we’ve tried using it on cygwin, but it ran too slowly for our liking. And the distro I was gonna install was suse. easy for linux noobies… πŸ˜‰ but it doesn’t have a partitioning tool. 😦

  3. Well you could get mandrake to partition the drive for you and then install suse after that. Don’t worry, mandrake is as wasy to use as suse. Though not as stable.

    Or you could use knoppix. It’s a live linux distro. Download the cd using bittorent, burn it and boot from it
    Once it is booted, go to system/qtparted. It’s gui partitioner tool. Then you could install suse after that.

    try this. It is for installing fedora core, but I think you can use the partitioning part an subtitute the installation with suse. Good luck.

    Ps. html comments dont’ work ah?

  4. BM: Thanks man. And no, I’ve long disabled HTML in comments. Part of the spam defence mechanism. Although, I can’t say for sure if it actually works.

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