Another Dudek clanger

‘Defeat not my fault’, insists DudekBBC News

Liverpool goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek insists he is not to blame for the 1-0 defeat to Manchester United.

Dudek allowed Wayne Rooney’s low 25-yard shot to squirm under his body to secure all three points for United.

And the Polish stopper told Liverpool’s website: “The ball was swerving a bit and I had a good view of it, but I was unlucky as it moved a bit at the end.

“It didn’t go through my hands, it went under them – it was impossible to catch so I was concentrating on parrying it.”

Dudek continued: “We know what Wayne Rooney’s like when he’s out on the pitch, we know he likes to have a shot on goal.

“I think with a bit of luck, perhaps, I should have kept it out, but the ball moved and I couldn’t do anything about that.”

TV replays don’t lie, my dear Polish goalie. Your hands weren’t anywhere near the ball as it fizzed by you.

You completely misjudged it. And now you refuse to take the blame for it?

Kirkland, oh Kirkland, kenapa lah kau injured?


9 thoughts on “Another Dudek clanger”

  1. Liver got injury jinx I think, with Cisse almost surely bagging the award for worst injury of the season…
    On Dudek, well, dah2 la tu.

  2. actually, that was the only mistake Dudek made throughout the whole match. unfortunately, it was the most important one.

    he SHOULD have saved it though. the replay showed that the ball went UNDER his hands.


  3. he was just continuing the trend ape. dah baper kali dah dia buat mistake lawan utd?

    still it liverpool put up a fight la kan. unlike them gunners yg capitulated against bolton. main macam bebudak skolah. sucked.

  4. Ditto Prem *Smiles*

    But I do agree dudek have a bad recurring case of butterfingers.Luckily for us Man U fans though.

    Honestly, I don’t think Liverpool fans deserved it though.

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