PC Monitor found dead in Bangsar home

My monitor – it is dead.

Was booting up my PC yesterday evening, and the monitor suddenly sputtered and began making this ticking noise –
– and then it mampus-ed.

Tried changing power and connector cables (cos sometimes its the cables’ fault) but nope – it was definitely the monitor. It is dead. Deader than dead.

I have not ruled out suicide.

Looks like a trip to Low Yat is on the cards, y’all…

Any recommendations for a good, hardy PC monitor?


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

These two look nice…… 😀


6 thoughts on “PC Monitor found dead in Bangsar home”

  1. I fear the old models – possible performance issues.

    Anyway, for my needs currently, a standard CRT monitor should suffice – maybe even a flat-screen CRT, if the price is right… 😉

  2. Better spend a bit more to get a good monitors. It’s one of the slowest aging component (besides your keyboard/mouse) so a big branded LCD is a good investment.

    Take care of your eyes dude!

  3. Dude I’m still using an old 15in monitor.
    Oh errr… **touch wood**
    LCD are just too expensive. Get a nice CRT with a really big screen real estate. Your eyes will thank you. and DOOM 3 will look awesome on it.

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