Weird and Disturbing

1. Weird

That would be the dream I had last night. I didn’t understand what was happening in the dream, because everyone was speaking Spanish.

Basically, the only things I remember was that there were a lot of young, hot babes driving in those cool, souped-up cars from The Fast and the Furious franchise, while I sat atop a traffic light, with the three guys from ZZ Top, cursing at the babes zooming by below.

Cursing in Spanish, of course.

At times like these, I can only wonder:-

Has my brain finally blown a fuse?

2. Disturbing

Yesterday evening, I caught a Mythbusters episode where the intrepid duo tried to replicate the Breakstep Bridge myth, checking to see if toothbrushes collect bacteria and whether someone could actually waterski behind a rowing crew.

The bridge and waterski experiments, I can live with. But the test for bacteria on toothbrushes… yecch!

Apparently, the Mythbusters discovered that toothbrushes located near the toilet had minute traces of fecal coliform bacteria on them. What was even more interesting was that control toothbrushes located far away from the toilet also had the same bacteria.

As Mythbuster Jamie says: “There’s poo everywhere!!”

I don’t think I can brush my teeth ever again without wincing. Yuck!


5 thoughts on “Weird and Disturbing”

  1. I saw that episode too. The waterski one was cool, although I’m still trying to erase that toothbrush experiment from my mind. Yuckk.
    about your dream, what were you doing on top of a traffic light in the first place??

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