The Mathematics of Lurrrvve…

Yes, I’m still on a blogging break. But I just HAD to take a break from the break to post this.

Maybe I’m a bit of a geek (although nowhere near as geeky as these two) to be enjoying reading this on a workday morning, but I’ll be damned if the subject matter doesn’t at least intrigue you.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usMathematics and Sexa book by Clio Cresswell

As an example of what this whole subject is like let me tell you about a long-studied model of interpersonal behavior that the author discusses in Chapter 3, a chapter titled “Road Testing the Bed”–I kid you not.

“You have to choose your life mate. The rules we adopt for this model are that you will be presented 100 choices one after another, you may date them, sleep with them, whatever. But, at the end, you must say yea or nay and if you say nay, you will never see them again.”

What strategy should you adopt? Well, if you wait to the end, the odds are only 1/100 that the last person is the optimal choice; ditto if you choose the first person. The modeler then asks: what strategy should you adopt for optimum results? A little bit of mathematics involving infinite series gives the answer. You can prove mathematically that the best strategy is to look at (approximately) the first 36.787944117144235 people (rounding it to, say, 37 people) and then you should choose the first person from that point on that is ‘better’ then the previous 37 people. This increases the odds of your finding the best match from 1% to about 37%- roughly a 37 times improvement. (In the pre-politically correct literature this model was called “The Sultan’s Dowry Problem,” or “The Secretary Problem”; now, alas, it is usually called simply an example of an “Optimal Stopping Problem.” )

Read a review of this book at /.
You can also find lots more on the book and the author by Googling “Clio Cresswell“.

Right, now we end this break from my break and return you to your regularly scheduled program.


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