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December blues. Boy, have I got them in huge mega-doses…

I hate this feeling of losing control of my surroundings, my environment, my sanity…. It’s hard getting motivated for anything anymore, besides the usual “project deadline is near, so buck up!” feeling.

Of course, all these sentiments and conflicting thoughts usually disappear around mid-January or February – but in my present frame of mind, 2005 still looks a long, looooooong way off…

I wish I had a nifty time-travel remote-control device that would enable me to just fast-forward through December…..

Then again, I wish for a lot of things. Where, o where is that damn magic lamp I’ve been searching for since I was a kid??


3 thoughts on “Lassi Blogging”

  1. Jordan: Thanks, dude. Do FedEx it to me when you find it.. 😉

    BW: Like what? Cheesy shopping promotions? Year-end ‘blockbuster’ movies on TV? Fireworks on New Year’s Eve? Naah, I’ll pass…

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