Tiada Tajuk Untukmu

I’m having lunch with some people tomorrow at Saravana Bhavan (Bangsar).

IF anyone’s around that general vicinity at that general time period, and IF you see me (I’ll be the tall, muscular, Brad-Pitt-meets-Abhishek-Bachchan lookalike; ignore the short, skinny geek with the glasses nearby), do drop by and say hi.

I could do with some cheering up.


4 thoughts on “Tiada Tajuk Untukmu”

  1. Too bad I’m not in KL during the weekends…

    or else we could gloat more about liverpool before they do battle tonight.

    Nothing like rubbing salt to cheer anyone up.

  2. I’d stalk you too but i’m way too far away…besides, I don’t like saravana bhavan…watch out for the mean waiters who bring wrong orders and insist you ordered some pea masala when you know very well that you hate peas but do they listen? not without a scowl, no…but hey have a nice lunch 🙂

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