Dude! Where’s my mate?

I was going to write a personal, and probably somewhat sarcastic commentary on this, but given the subject’s preference for litigation, I’ll just let the news article speak for itself:

Dating agency wins case by Cecil Fung (The Star, 25th Nov 2004)

After unsuccessful attempts at finding a partner through a singles’ networking agency, Fong Chong How decided to file a claim against the company at the Consumer Claims Tribunal.

Fong, who is in his twenties, said that the company – CSC Network – had failed to introduce him to the right candidates for companionship, saying the first two women introduced to him were too young and too fat.

“The first candidate they introduced to me was only 20 years old when I specifically stated in my application that I wanted someone aged between 21 and 29 years.”

“And they gave me a fat woman for the second candidate even though I had asked for someone slim. She even weighs more than me. I weigh only 54kg while she weighs 57kg,” Fong repeatedly stressed during the hearing yesterday.

He said he did not even meet in person the third woman introduced to him while the fourth one was just too materialistic for him as she “was looking for a professional”.

“She said she had 10 to 12 boyfriends. If that is the case, then my chances with her are very slim,” he told the tribunal’s assistant chairman Hussain Mohamed Dewa who presided over the hearing.

The agency, though, had this to say:

“We have done so much for him. In fact, he actually was not supposed to get one-to-one introductions as he had signed up for the ‘group outings package’ and not the ‘matchmaking’ one..”

[…]Fong had a “lifetime membership” at CSC Network that would only expire once he gets married, which means the latter is always welcome to take part in any of the agency’s outings.

“We will have a party this Christmas with 100 participants, so he can even meet 20, 30 or 40 women there..”

In the end, the tribunal judge dismissed the claimant’s case. Score one for common sense.

Isn’t it just ASTOUNDING that this guy is still single, folks?


8 thoughts on “Dude! Where’s my mate?”

  1. So THREE kg made all the difference in one case, whilst another woman wanted a “professional”?

    How DARE she? How DARE she have an opinion on what she wants, or weigh more than him? How dare the agency not cater to HIM, the most overtly pathetic man I’ve heard tell of in recent years, and with a lifetime membership to boot?

    What next?

  2. The guy has unrealistic expectations from a dating agency. Pitiful case. Lose hope, lose money, and now lose lawsuit. Sounds like a loser to me.

  3. if he found someone to mary him it would be evidence that just when you thought people couldn’t get any stupider…

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