DVD Killed The Video Store

The death of the video cassette recorder appears to be in sight after the UK’s largest electrical chain said it is to stop selling them.

Dixons will phase out VCRs due to the boom in DVD players, sales of which have grown seven-fold in five years.

It ends a 26-year love affair with a gadget which changed viewing habits by allowing people to leave home without missing their favourite programmes.

Death of video recorder in sight [BBC]

We still have a VCR at our house, sitting alone below the Astro decoder, wires not connected to the TV, gathering dust, whiling away the days until the inevitable moment when it will be removed from the TV cabinet, placed in a box and taken to wherever it is old, obsolete appliances go….

Bye, bye, dear Video. It’s been a great couple of decades… *sniff*


5 thoughts on “DVD Killed The Video Store”

  1. yeah… once the DVD-Recordable becomes cheap… i can say sayonara for once and for all… but till then… i still love my VCR… plus not all hindi movie(classics) are converted to DVD… hehehehe

  2. Technology happens, we’ve seen it before, my dad’s turntable record player is sitting on the table as decor (needles all still in perfect condition and his collection of original LPs), countless cassette players remain unused and my collection of tapes being overtaken by fungus, fuming mad that the thousands of VCDs purchased would soon be obsolette, sign dad starting to buy DVDs hehe guess it’s life for changes:D

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