For Sale: HP iPAQ 2210

UPDATE: It’s been sold. If you were interested, well, too bad.

A friend of mine is selling off his HP iPAQ 2210. This is his for-sale ad – if you’re interested, please contact him (name: Terence Beck) at terencebeck [at] gmail [dot] com.

Item For Sale:

Excellent condition HP iPAQ 2210.
Complete with all standard accessories and box.
Standard accessories virtually unused, like new.
Personally include Krussel leather case and 32MB Sandisk CF card.

For features description, go to:

Price: RM 1000 – negotiable (First come, first serve)

Reason for selling: Need to feed my dog.

Reason… seriously: Planning to upgrade to built-in wifi and landscape-enabled model.

Warranty Lookup: Warranty ends 19 Jan 2005.
Check here:

Serial number: TWC3460FKF
Product number: FA103A
Country of purchase: Malaysia

Review of this item:

* Please note, hp2215 is the model number for US. Asia Pacific is hp2210.

Pics of the iPAQ in extended..

Image Hosted by
Actual unit on box

Image Hosted by
Standard accessories

Image Hosted by
Krussel case, belt clip, HP 2210 (back)

Image Hosted by
Krussel case, HP 2210 (front), 32 MB Compact Flash card

4 thoughts on “For Sale: HP iPAQ 2210”

  1. i think 1k is too much for this dated item. not sure what the current market price was 1500 more or less when it first came out right? i being a palm freak for one won’t be buying this.

  2. I was actually contemplating buying this about a year ago, but at that time rm1.5k was a bit steep for me considering the fact that my palm Vx was badly underutilized. Don’t think i’ll be splurging on a PDA for a while now. Happy deepavali, bro

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