My first digital camera pic

Houston, we have a problem

Today, being Deepavali and all, I decided to splurge a little. This is a big deal because people who know me will tell you that I happen to be quite the miser when it comes to my money – but darn it, everytime I see bloggers like Huai Bin, Najah, Heather and TV Smith post those really cool pictures in their blogs, that fella on my shoulder (you know, the one with the pitchfork) will tell me, “Joe, macha, my brader! You gotta get one of those digital cameras lah!” And I’ll tell him, “Get off my shoulder, you blardy fool!“. And he’ll tell me, “Who’s the blardy fool? Me or the guy talking to himself?

Anyway, after incessant pleadings and plenty of hints and nudges (and all ye bloggers have not helped – you keep posting really good pics!), I’ve finally succumbed. In any case, this little camera (Canon Powershot A400) is well within my budget and I’m not exactly a power-photographer, so this’ll do just fine.

Hopefully, this will be the beginning of a new phase in this blogger’s life – one which will be filled with my taking shots of people when they don’t want to be photographed and me ending up with bruises after they beat me up.

Sebagai kata penggulung, let me quote the legendary Allen Funt, who once said: “Someday, somewhere, when you least expect it, someone may come up to you and say ‘Smile! you’re on candid camera!'” – although that won’t be me, ‘cos I’ll be taking your picture from a discreet distance. Hehehehehehehh….

N.B. The pic above is of my neighbours trying to adjust the position of the Astro satellite – the hard way. Happy Deepavali, y’all!

[More pics in extended]


Setting up

Crunch on this


11 thoughts on “My first digital camera pic”

  1. I like the picture of the fruit. There’s just something about the lighting, and the reflection of its bowl. Makes it look more… intriguing.

  2. Great capture on pix1

    I’d back up on pix 2 to catch the 4th flame, actually, I’d take this shot from the left at a lover angle to capture all the flames in a more 3 D perspective. I like the reflection of the flame.

    Pix 3, is a lil crooked, you can see the vertical seams is not aligned with the photo frame. Also, it’s a little cold, you might want to turn off the flash if you used it or adjust the white balance to make it warmer (be cause you have brass object in the picture, brass is usually associated wit ha warmer feel). The great thing about digicam, you can post process the pictures.

    Cookies look good on Pix 4

    Pix 4, just a tat too low, you wanna capture that tip of that last banana. Macro fucntion may work better with this hot.

    Practice makes perfect and alway take your time to observe before capturing the picture. A lot of time you wanna take a few shot and select the best.

    Welcome to the world of Digicam, looking forward to your Food blog like HB’s. Make it a specialized Malaysian Indian culinary special, I love the fried Bitter mellon/guard I had in KL.

  3. e: Thanks for the brilliant and clear tips, dude! I see what you mean about the crooked shots, my main problem is my hands seem to shake too much when I’m trying to focus on the shot. 😛
    But thanks again for the advice, will definitely keep practising – and as for the food blogs, well, I can’t be as prolific as HB or the MakanSakan crew, but I’ll try my best… 🙂

  4. Oh me oh my…you lucky lucky dawg…you beat me to it! I am ever hankering for a digital camera but a desktop PC is taking priority at the mo. Here’s hoping there’ll be a year-end bonus….sigh….Belated this is, but hope your Diwali was a shining one.

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