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Right now, on my PC screen, I’ve got a WBIMB Toolkit window, an IBM DB2 Control Centre window, a command prompt window, and a Firefox window (with tabs opened for CNN, BBC, Washington Post, NY Times, Bloglines, and of course, Petaling St).

I’ve never been this excited about an election since, oh let’s see, since the 2000 US Presidential election, in fact. (Well, it’s not like there’s any REAL excitement regarding our own local elections, is there?)

And as I stare at the electorate maps (I particularly like BBC’s Flash version), it’s starting to look like Bush is going to stay in the White House.

Well, so much for that then… so who’s gonna invite me to their open house now, eh?

[Updates in extended]

UPDATE 1: According to CNN, Bush is leading Kerry by 249 to 196 electoral votes (270 votes is needed to win). Washington Post has Bush leading 246 to 195. The BBC says it’s 249 to 217.

But the tough question remains this: what am I going to do for the Deepa-Raya hols??

UPDATE 2: Only a few states still hang in the balance, and Kerry needs to win them all now to defeat Bush. BBC has revised the score to Bush (249) and Kerry (221). CNN has it 249 to 200. The Post says 249 to 206. I’ve given up on NY Times, they’re too slow….

UPDATE 3: Since I seem to be completely sucked into this election thing, I’ve been doing some complex arithmetic operations on several possible outcomes for the presidential race (and to think my Maths teacher told me I’d never amount to anything – Hah!)… So here’s my prediction: Bush to defeat Kerry by 274 votes to 264.

UPDATE 4: Those wonderful people at Reuters are now saying that Bush has secured Ohio, and that the best Kerry can hope for now is a tie. A red tie? Maybe with blue stripes?

UPDATE 5: Apparently Nevada people can’t decide on who they want. Well, that’s what happens when all you do is gamble! I might have to revise my prediction to Bush [279] and Kerry [259]. And we thought it was be gonna be too close to call….

UPDATE 6: This can’t be healthy. Anyway, all the major news organisations have gone a bit quiet now – which means that they’ve got some information on who just won (*cough* Bush *cough*) but they’re too chicken to reveal it in case it backfires on them like in 2000.

UPDATE 7: You wanna know something interesting? All the states won by Kerry so far have a coastline. So all those who opposed Bush can just jump into the sea now…..

UPDATE 8: Reuters seem to have backed off their claim of Bush taking Ohio and have now joined the chorus of other networks and news organisations in saying “it’s too close to call”. I guess Ohio’s the new Florida. I wonder who the state governor is….?

UPDATE 9: With the possible exception of Reuters (and probably others since I DON’T HAVE EVERY NEWS SITE OPEN on my Firefox), the other sites have stopped at Bush leading with 249 votes. CNN says Kerry just took Michigan, making it 242 votes for him now…. If I had fingernails, I’d bite them off…

UPDATE 10: As of this moment, the states that remain in the balance are Nevada, New Mexico, Iowa, Wisconsin and Ohio, which means a total of 47 votes are to be accounted for (with Ohio carrying 20 of those votes). I’m starting to doubt whether this is going to be resolved tonight. Lawyers – get your “suits” ready. Geddit? Lawyers? Suits? Lawsuits? Geddit??

UPDATE 11: Both CNN and BBC are indicating (not calling it, God forbid) that Nevada, New Mexico, Iowa will go to Bush and Wisconsin to Kerry. This would leave Bush with 266 votes and Kerry with 252 – with Ohio still to come. (Current numbers indicate Bush is ahead in Ohio by the size of his IQ)

UPDATE 11-MORE-THAN-NECESSARY: Looks like Henchoz is trying to get on Benitez’s good side.

What? What election? Don’t blame me, the damn election counting process seems to have stalled..

UPDATE 13: BBC reports that Nevada has gone to Bushy-wushy, as expected. Meanwhile, for the jaded ones among you lot, check out Jon Stewart’s Election Day Blog.

THE LAST UPDATE FOR TODAY: CNN is reporting that it might take up to ELEVEN days for the complete Ohio votes to be counted. Can you imagine that? 11 days without an elected leader to guide them? Yo, Canada!! Now’s your chance – ATTACK!!

THE-DAY-AFTER UPDATE: Kerry concedes. Bush wins. The world reacts.

Final thought: It’s a good thing, perhaps, that Kerry conceded. Another long, drawn out election results fight would have only damaged the US’ already very poor credibility. In any case, there can be less doubt now of Bush’s mandate – he did win the popular vote this time round. So now that he’s got the re-election monkey off his back, can he do better for the next four years?

Well, call me a cynical jackass, but I doubt it. Good luck, America – you’ll need it.

Today is a bit of a sad day for your father and me as the person we wanted to win the Presidency was defeated. It’s sad mostly because we’ve brought you into a country that is heavily divided, and we’re worried that things aren’t going to get much better in your lifetime. We’re leaving your generation a huge mess to deal with, but I want you to know now, here when you’re judgment isn’t clouded by the crap that you’ll hear on TV, here when your heart is pure, I want you to know that your father and I want to teach you love and compassion. We want to teach you that there are always several sides to every story. We want to teach you about all religions and let you choose for yourself what you want to believe. We want to teach you that there is power in knowledge, but that there is even more power in reaching out and loving other people, that life is about relationships and friends and giving everything you’ve got.

– Extract from Heather “Dooce” Graham‘s letter to her nine-month-old daughter.

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  1. Oh well looks like another close one, at least no more chads! Next term looks like Bush again, Michael Moore is gonna have a field trip, his next movie “How Bush bought the presidency from the stupid white men” 🙂

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