Completed customisation of sashi-isms

Finally, sashi-isms is really back for business. Had to redo most of everything from memory, as well as Googling for a couple of hacks to be displayed on the index page (i.e. Recent Comments and Trackbacks). But all the time spent on this has finally borne fruit. (Note-to-self: Remember to actually do some work before leaving today. Heheh, just kidding boss!)

And this time, just in case, I’m backing up everything. The templates, the stylesheets, the entries – EVERYTHING.

If my webhosts decide to mess with my fragile mental state again, I swear, I’m moving somewhere else – even if I have to pay for the hosting instead of mooching free space like I’m doing now. 😛

Updates (if any) in extended.


The type of error message that occasionally keeps cropping up when one is posting a comment:

Method Not Implemented
static=1&entry_id=148&author=Sashi& to /archives/2004/10/snippets.html not supported.
Invalid method in request static=1&entry_id=148&author=Sashi& /archives/2004/10/snippets.html HTTP/1.1
Additionally, a 501 Method Not Implemented error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

I’m just putting this up for my own perusal later, but if any egg-heads out there would like to have a crack at solving this somewheat annoying problem, be my guest. 🙂


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