Blog-induced Headache

Yesterday, I discovered to my horror that I wasn’t able to log into my Movable Type page. Every time I entered my user name and password, the login screen simply refreshed itself. There was no error message or anything. Just the same login screen over and over and over again.

I panicked. Big time. I normally don’t when faced with catastrophies on a computing scale at work, but funny how your reactions differ when faced with the possibility that your own blog – your baby – may have just shat itself.

I canvassed opinions from other bloggers who use Movable Type, undoubtedly irritating them with frantic questions while they’re busy working and all.. sorry, people! But their gentle and calm answers allowed me to relax… a little. Nevertheless, following their advice and tips did not yield any results. This was not a common problem.

Googling the Web and scouring the MT manual and Support forums only served to heighten my tension. There didn’t seem to be any identical problem listed anywhere. And just when I thought things couldn’t get worse – it did.

I discovered the commenting ability at my site was KO’d. Anyone trying to register a comment would be greeted with a No entry_id error. What? WHAT?!!

I figured maybe something went wrong with my MT configuration. In a fit of panic, I decided to RE-INSTALL MT 3.11… I did backup my archives… oh but guess what I FORGOT to backup?

My CSS style sheet. But you already guessed that, right?

Anyway, despite re-installing MT, the same problem persisted. Finally, the damn lightbulb in my head was belatedly turned on.

Maybe it’s a problem with my webhost? DOH!

I couldn’t be arsed any longer. Hell, I have work to do dammit! So I shot off a quick e-mail to my webhost as well as posting my problem on the MT support forum.

Fast forward a day later – today lah.

I am able to log in. Cue sigh of relief.

I re-import my entries. Hokay. No problemo.

I’m stuck with this drab template for awhile, but hey, can’t do nuthin’ but start again.

Everything OK, yes?


The comment section still giving some problems. If you try to post a comment, you will get a frightening (to some, at least) error message:
501 Method Not Implemented

Aiyo…. but then, a ray of sunshine!

The posted comment shows up anyway! So when you do post a comment (and please do, I need some cheering up), don’t be put off by the 501 error. The comment will have gone through.

So now I wait. Will this problem clear itself up? Will I have to upgrade to the newly-released 3.1.2 version? Will I have to move to another webhost (I’d hate to have to, given this one is FREE and all)?

And err… I know I promised this, but given the volatility of this website, all the problems that are cropping up, the unstable situation in Iraq, the impending US elections, the crazy weather patterns and everything else that you might be able to think of…

… I might not be able to produce Volume VIII of the Steve story this weekend.



My webhost got back to me with this brief reply:

We are aware of the problem. Unfortunately it is more complicated than expected.
Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
Best Regards,



12 thoughts on “Blog-induced Headache”

  1. I had that no_entry problem a while back (domain changing), the problem came from CGIPATH from the mt.cfg. The login page problem is probably a cookies/old history conflict.

    You seems like a computer expert yourself so I don’t think I can help you much. But if you have done a website migration, some files at the root folder (htaccess.backup, robots.txt) might caused some problem. Check with your webhost for that kinda issue.

    good luck

  2. Well, I can’t remember exactly how my site looked like before, but this is as much as I can modify while dodging work for the time being.

    Maybe more changes later.

    Keat: Dude, I was *this* close to switching to WP.


  3. if you did nothing on your blog configuration, most likely it is web host fault.

    WP will have less trouble than MT because it only required PHP and MySQL. No need edit config file also.

  4. LcF: Yup, I think the problem is on the webhost site. However, just to be safe, I’m not installing any plugins yet.. šŸ˜›

    BawangMerah: Wha..?

  5. i’ve pretty much no idea what’s being said…technical jargon thingamabob (that does the job)….i’m just a vistor who’s glad one of her favourite blog thingies is alive and well. (what do you call someone else’s blog??)
    Cheery-uppy enough? šŸ™‚

  6. sakthi: I don’t know what they call “someone else’s blog”, but since it’s a Saturday morning, I decided to run the phrase though the anagram generator and found this:


    It just feels right, somehow… šŸ˜›

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