It’s been a good day.

Yes, I’m aware it’s still relatively early, but even if a nuclear holocaust occurs right now with TTDI being Ground Zero, it’ll still have been a good day.

However, what it means is that I have more “responsibility“. Hence, ergo, vis-a-vis, even less time to blog.

So a quick update:
Ash‘s current Story Hour series has got me all motivated again to complete my own Steve series. Hopefully (fingers crossed!), Vol:8 will be published during the weekend… and please don’t remind me that I’ve said that before. smirk

I’ve been getting some messages via Yahoo! Messenger about some trick to create a whole new buddy list that allows you to see who’s chatting with who and whether they’re in invisible mode or not and some other stuff I can’t remember. I don’t like it. I like the privacy features of Y!M, meaning that if I don’t feel like talking to anyone, I switch to invisible mode (some might ask why don’t I just sign out? I don’t ‘cos I need to be notified when an e-mail arrives to that account, see?). So if you get that Y!M message, I’d appreciate it very much if you DON’T forward/send it to me, please. Thank you.

To Samy Vellu – You are the Weakest Link. Goodbye.

Roadside hawkers have the best stuff during the Puasa season. I need to create a couple of new holes in my belt.

I’m beginning to suffer from Malaysian-Idol withdrawal symptoms. Help.

(On another note, The Apprentice is my new favourite reality show. Trump is da man!)

I am so stoked about Liverpool‘s win at Craven Cottage last Saturday. Amazing comeback, and amazing goals (from Alonso and *gasp* Biscan!) I should have blogged on this earlier, but I didn’t. Hopefully, we’ll stuff Depor at home in the Champions League tonight/tomorrow morning, and then (fingers crossed again!) I might have time to blog that.

Hmm. OK, that’s it for now, so till later – Be good. Be nice. Just…be.

13 thoughts on “Snippets”

  1. I was wondering when you’ll mention liverpool..

    Biscan looked like he just realised scoring goals is an objective in football.

  2. I gave one of my workmates some nice piece of advice based on my experience. When buying clothes esp pants, never ever try them on for size during the day if you’re fasting. if you really had to, make it so after a gluttonous breaking fast meal 😉

  3. hey, about the do know about stealth settings right? Where you can set certain chat buddies to not “see” you but still remain visible to other chatters in ur contact list.. In that way, you can still control who you want to chat with and not..:)

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