Gandizzle, the baddest pimp in town

Found this link from two sources today (RSS feed and e-mail). Hilarious!

Lord of the Bling

Strider turned, scanning his surroundings for remaining Nazz as he heard tires screeching below. Strider nodded smugly, proud of hisself. Thas right, take yo’ bitch-ass back to Mordor, fuckers! You ain’t no match fo’… “STRIDER!” Sam yelled, bringing Strider back to his immediate surroundings. He ran over to Frodo, still lying on the ground where he reappeared after pulling off the ring. He was breathing heavily and gasping in pain, unable to move his left arm. Strider picked up the knife Frodo was stabbed with, tossed aside when Strider appeared. He turned the knife over in his hand, surveying the blade. “This ain’t good, kid. I cain’t fix dis. We need to get to the elves.” Strider lifted Frodo and gently draped him over his shoulder, starting down the hill toward the woods.

For shizzle ma nizzle.


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