SMS from 1 Idol

<Malaysian Idol>
We’re sorry, voting for this week has already closed.
Thanks for supporting Malaysian Idol.
See you next year!

I’ve been getting this SMS many times over the last few days. And I just got another 5 in the space of 3 minutes!

I voted (quite a number of times) for Jac last Friday and Saturday.

Now I know that most (if not all) of my votes didn’t actually get through. All those 50¢ votes down the drain….

Oh well, at least she won anyway.


9 thoughts on “SMS from 1 Idol”

  1. Yeah, same thing happened to my housemate. You on Maxis? I’m using Celcom and another housemate uses Digi, both of us had no problems and our votes got through all right. (Which is just as well, since I sent more than 30 SMSes…!) O.o

  2. irene: yup, i’m om maxis. i guess next time, i’ll use my mom’s digi card to vote!

    not that i believe there’ll be another Jac tho’, but never say never, eh? πŸ˜‰

  3. It’s true, you never know. Roslan got one thing right, at least: the first season of Malaysian Idol has set a benchmark for the kind of talent we’re looking for out there!

  4. For us at Social, we are just happy that the winner was chose because of talent, not the race or any other factor.

    The only episode I’ve watched and the performance were tremendous. So tremendous I actually voted for Jac.

    Thank God, our Malaysian mentality is not down the drain yet. πŸ™‚

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