Screenshots vs Jalan Riong

I Support Jeff Ooi
Let’s face it. We knew this was coming.

Jeff Ooi even received an e-mail a few months back, hinting that he could find himself in a bit of hot water.

Now the “big guns” at Jalan Riong have set their sights on Jeff.

Well, Jeff’s has quite an arsenal of his own: good lawyers who share his beliefs and principles, loyal readers and more importantly, he has Truth on his side.

From X-Men:

Wolverine : Are you sure you’re on the right side?
Storm : At least I’ve chosen a side.

Screenshots vs Jalan Riong. I’m on the blogger’s side. Whose side are you on?

Visit Jeff Ooi’s Screenshots for links to the newspaper articles that started this whole ridiculous mess and Jeff’s responses to them.

Do read other bloggers’ opinions on the issue (links on TV Smith’s blog).


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