In solidarity with my Iranian brethren..

.. after all, we bloggers are all one big family, right?

Via the BBC:

The number of Iranians keeping online journals – weblogs or blogs – has surpassed the 10,000 mark as internet users in the country seek to protest against media censorship.

Hundreds of the writers have renamed their blogs after newspapers and websites that have been shut down by the authorities.

They have also posted news items from the banned websites on their personal weblogs.

One of the earliest bloggers, Hossein Derakhshan – a student at Toronto university in Canada – told the BBC that although he felt the protest was symbolic, he wanted to show Iranian authorities “that they would not be able to censor the internet in the same way as they have managed to control other media”.

He added that he was “delighted” with the response.

“The fact that the hardline Iranian press has published a personal attack on me is proof that the authorities must be worried by the bloggers’ protest,” he said.

From Hossein Derakhshan (aka Hoder):

Hardline conservatives are very concerned when it comes to foreign press. So please help us spread the word in the blogosphere — by linking to the post or to other related resources — and give the news maximum exposure.

I can’t rename my blog (a bit complicated lah now) or post those Iranian articles (I don’t understand the language), but I’ll say this much: I’m with you 100%, my fellow bloggers from Iran.

Links to the three reformist websites that were initially blocked:

Link to Hoder’s article: Bloggers protest against crackdown


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