Ring-a-Ring o’ Roses…..

Couldn’t resist this.

Check out this puzzle called Petals of The Rose. Discovered it on Ash’s blog. He says it took him 3 minutes. Yeah, right….

It took me nearly an hour. Then it hit me like a tonne of bricks wrapped around a boulder. Now I can call myself a Potentate of the Rose, and a fully qualified member of the Fraternity of Petals Around the Rose.

Do try. Very good for the brain wan…..

Oh, and the clue is in the rules!


13 thoughts on “Ring-a-Ring o’ Roses…..”

  1. i tried this long time ago…and even now, still cant figure the damn thing out.sometimes i think i’m right, and then i get stumped again. must be the mths not exercising my brain…

    v bad for my IQ’s ego

  2. nope it took me a good half hour.

    shouldn’t give any emphasis on any of the clues :-

    The name of the game
    Always and even number or zero

    but take heart. Bill Gates had an even tougher time.

  3. I HATE YOU!!! hehehehe… why did you torture me with this post? I haven’t figured it out yet… and am so malas to try to figure it out..

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