Steve, PGL and 6 Gmail Invites

Step One (we can have lots of fun…)
OK, I’ll go straight to the point. For those who want a shot at guest-writing Vol VIII of the Steve series, please send me an e-mail to steve [at] ASAP. Please include your full name. I’ll send you a synopsis by Sunday at the latest, and you can go and work on that. Feel free to browse the previous Vols if you want to copy the style (although it’s not necessary). Deadlines for all entries will be Sept 12. The person who e-mails me with the best Steve: Vol VIII story will get his/her entry published here (you can use a pseudonym, if you want lah..); but I still need your full name for my personal records.

So what are ya waiting for? Here’s your chance to get your hands on Steve/Mina/Matt!

Step Two (there’s so much we can do…)
I read this in The Star last year, and it was quite upsetting. My Dad’s from Cameron Highlands, and I did spend a substantial part of my childhood there. It’s distressing that something like this can be allowed to take place, and the perpetrators being let off the hook.

Thanks to hansw and arion for bringing this back to light.

UPDATE: Jeff Ooi has now blogged on this as well.

Step Three (it’s just you and me…)
I’ve got SIX Gmail invites to give away. I should ask you to do something for me, but I’m too busy right now to think up stuff. So just do a little jig wherever you are, or sing at the top of your voice. Then drop me a line in the comment box – with FULL NAME and E-MAIL ADDRESS. First 6 commenters get the invites.

I repeat – FULL NAME (as in first name, last name) and E-MAIL ADDRESS.

This time, I’m sticking to the rules, ‘k?

UPDATE: I’ve given out all 6 invites. No more. Sekian, terima kasih.


16 thoughts on “Steve, PGL and 6 Gmail Invites”

  1. Heheheh, after reading the first chapter of the Steve Series, i guess everyone goes through the same thing 😛 On every line i was like, hey that sounds familiar hahahah

  2. Urgh, that whole Cameron Highlands issue disgusts me, esp. the bloke who said it would all grow back eventually. It’s close-minded assholes like that who let our planet rot away.

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