My country, that one that makes dirty….

I just had a big lunch, so I am temporarily immobilized (in terms of work lah).

So decided to surf around and came across an old favourite: Lost In Translation. This little gem was created by Carl Tashian, using Altavista‘s Babelfish, some years back, yet it still endures in popularity – probably because people just can’t get enough of laughing at the bizarre results of computerized translation attempts.

Anyway, I figured I’d give this old girl another spin. Having read Ash‘s latest entry on Merdeka, I, being one who lacks inspiration on a full stomach, decided to translate the English version of our national anthem: Negaraku.

Note: The way the thing works is to first translate the English text into French, then translates the French result back to English, then translates it again to German, and it ping-pongs like this for Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

The end result of all this back-and-forth translations of our national anthem is this:

My country, that one that makes dirty, that my alcohol is rinunziata,
the screw of people clearly and the concession of the gradual God and
relati you benediction and the wealth in us, May the rule of the king
at the time of La Paz, in the concession of the God benediction
relative and in the wealth in us, May the rule of the king at the time
of La Paz.

Go on, give it a test run. I know you want to….


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