Where are all the chicks?

Found this on the Bangsar Baru Community Forum, posted by co0lpix. It’s a bit old (posted 9th March 2004), but still relevant perhaps?

[begin forum post]

Depends on what kind of chicks u r looking for:

1) Teenage chicks with lots of skin to bare who prefer to dance the whole night and would most likely have a Mat Motor boyfriend: Shadows (Bangsar)

2) Classier chicks with velvet gowns and can dance, not any dance, but Salsa : Q-Ba at Westin Hotel (Bintang Walk)

3) International school chicks (white chicks/jap-chicks/exotic lookin chicks) who love to drink : Mezza (formerly T-Club Bangsar)

4) Working chicks who are looking for love : Bar Flam (Bangsar)

5) ‘God-fearing’ chicks who play carrom from Bangsar Gospel Centre : Coffee Bean / Star Bucks i.e. any coffee place in town whose average price is around RM10 for a cuppa(this weeds out all the coffee shops in lucky garden) (Bangsar)

6) Hard-core biker chicks or the opposite..Tudung chicks: mamak stalls in front of the food court previously known as Jolly Green Giant (Bangsar)

7) Chicks who are dating guys who are already married/ guys who wanna be girls : Red Chamber (Bangsar)

8) Malaysian girls who speak with a British/American/Aussie/Rojak accent who think they are BBC/BBI/BBM(u know wat I mean) and are looking for a boyfriend who has blonde hair and drinks ‘Snake Bite Black’: Finnegans (Bangsar)

9) Malaysian girls who speak with a British/American/Aussie/Rojak accent who think they are BBC/BBI/BBM who have already found a boyfriend from Finnegans : Telawi Street Bistro (Bangsar)

10) Girls who look like boys who like girls who look like girls: Seasons Pool Club (Bangsar)

11) Paula Malai Ali type of chicks: The Social (Bangsar)

12) White chicks with white boyfriends/husbands(who also have tan-skinned girlfriends from Beach Club/Thai Bar etc.) : La Bodega (Bangsar)

[/end forum post]

The opinions expressed in the above post are not necessarily mine. Furthermore, despite living in Bangsar, I haven’t the slightest idea whether any of the above-mentioned establishments still exist around here. Yes, I know – I’m pathetic.


20 thoughts on “Where are all the chicks?”

  1. Ah shit, that post got sent before I was done…

    …just wanted to add, “Eh Sashi, finish your story lah” 😉

  2. Norzu: I haven’t been to any of those places for nearly a year! And I live here! 😆

    Meesh: A regular clubbing girl, you must be… spoken in Yoda style 😉

    Elena: Working on it! Thanks for not pressuring me! 😉

    Lionel: No problem. Come to Bangsar often, we need more victims, err, I mean visitors! 😆

    Ash: No life? At least you don’t live here.. I have no excuse.. :o(

    Sara: Share lah, how else can myths like these get bunked? 😉

    Keat: Yes, there might be people who can do that, or maybe they’ll just stalk her.. 😆

    Oliviasy: Outdated? then it’s time to get updated lah! 😆

  3. I don’t think these necessarily ring true… but just to be safe, i guess i better keep quiet about where i hang out in bangsar 😛

  4. Oi sash, u should be the one to tell us if these are true or not, being a bangsar boy and all… go whip out those old binoculars and do some research lah! 😉

  5. sorry to be boring but what does a beer cost in these places. i dont want to do follow up research and pengsan at the price.

    and while were at it, whats the most expensive beer you have paid for in kl.

  6. don’t bother looking for the cheapest or expensive beers, just look for the best served. It still remains Hard Rock Cafe. or straight from the bottles at 7-11.
    bangsar changed so much now, considering i went last night, or was it that I was busy oogling Carmen Soo and oh those twins. Imagining them double teaming me alone nearly brought me to orgasm. LOL

  7. Go only when there is need. Avoid crowd if possible, unless your friends insist on going there, and you’re not driving, you couldn’t complain.

  8. Hey man…stay original..why do you wanna go to the spots everyone goes to? 🙂

    Having said that..I’ve been to Qba twice in the past two months (looking after the handbags for my gfs who danced – sigh)..and if you want to cruise for rich middleaged ladies looking for salsa (and more) partners, that seems to be the place! Heh!

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