This is what I look like (well, almost..)


Vidu Creator

Well, OK. This isn’t quite how I actually, physically resemble. But it’s how I feel I look like… OK, that was a load of clap-trap too.

Anyway, here’s the link to the avatar-generation site. One problem though, the site’s in German.

But don’t worry, you can find simple instructions in English at this site.


8 thoughts on “This is what I look like (well, almost..)”

  1. Sara: you are a babe for commenting! although “adorable” makes me uncomfortable… maybe i should have tweaked the avatar to be a lil more macho, no? 😆

  2. Not sure if I can be considered a babe or not, but I’m the first girl to comment! You look absolutely adorable, Sashi… a little bit too innocent looking (since we all know from your previous posts you’re anything but haha!) but adorable nonetheless hehehe 😉

  3. …or maybe at my site 😆

    SMS rates goes from 5sens to 50 sens. This comment box is free mah 🙂 so Haloscan your votes now .

  4. james: “seems” is the operative word… 😉

    ash: dude, if i had a penny for every time a girl came a rolling up to me… i’d be broke. 😆

    ka: yes, mana pergi all the babes? probably they’re hanging out at Ash’s site… lucky devil….

  5. come on babes, pledge your support for sashi. If you think this guy is a hunk text message to 4201 with the caption “sashi you are f*cking awesome” The lines are open now!!!

    Standard text messaging rates do apply

  6. hehehe , ada gaya 🙂

    but where are all the babes? So far 3 guys came here to comment .

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