The Great Gmail Invite Giveaway: So Long, And Thanks For All The Mails!

UPDATE 2: Gah! Gmail’s giving out more invitations! That’s it!!! Anyone wants a Gmail account, drop me a mail at IWantGmail [AT] sashiweb [DOT] com or in the comment box below. First-come, first serve! Help me get rid of these invites!!

UPDATE 1: Apparently some people are experiencing some server-error problems when trying to sign up for the Gmail account via invites. Rest assured, the invites are still valid and if you don’t succeed the first time, just try again later. If you still are not able to sign up after about 24 hours, drop me an e-mail. Cheers!

(Title above adapted from Douglas Adam’s So Long and Thanks for All The Fish, the fourth book in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy “trilogy”. Just in case you had a feeling of deja-vu.)

First of all, to those people who tried their hand at the caption-writing, I wish I could extend an invite to all of you. But hey, if you weren’t successful here, fret not! There are a whole bunch of bloggers and others who’re giving away invites for free, and of course, eventually Gmail will be opened up to the public too.

For starters, you might wanna pay a visit to LcF, David, Squall, Abby, Shutterbug, Oliviasy, Meesh, Ash, Sara, etc….

Also, if you thought your caption was very funny and merited an invite but I didn’t send you one, well, by all means go ahead and blame me. I do have a skewed sense of humour, for which I blame British television.

Anyways, here are the selected recipients of the Gmail invites:

Picture A [The Day After Tomorrow]
“Come here you guys. You won’t believe what these polar bears are doing!”

Picture B [CSI]
“See, I have ten right here. Pass me the scissors and get ready for overtime tonight.”

Picture C [Vinnie & Gazza]

“..and they blamed Gazza’s loss of form on booze and drugs. If only they knew. Ouch!”

The three winners were selected in consultation with an independent, expert panel of judges, all of whom were completely and uncannily unlike Simon Cowell. So take a bow, Ash, Sara and Zsarina!

To the others – Michael, William, Calvin, and ribsaj – thanks for participating! And I do hope you guys get your Gmail accounts eventually too! 🙂

That’s it for me. No more invites to give out (for now), and if for some reason Google chooses to torment me again with more invites, I’ll just give them out for free on a first-come, first-serve basis. No contests, no gimmicks, no bribery… well, maybe the last one still can lah…. >:)


14 thoughts on “The Great Gmail Invite Giveaway: So Long, And Thanks For All The Mails!”

  1. emily: I’ve sent you an invite – check your Inbox. 🙂

    dazehead: hmm, nope, can’t say i’ve had that problem. anyone else had that?
    about the invites, yes, 2nd gen (Gen2!) gmail users will get invites too – all depends on how often you actually use your gmail though…

    elena: heheheh the curse of Gmail…

  2. hey, a bit off-topic, but do u ever get this problem, when i type ur url, i get a cannot find server error. not sure if it happens if i link u, but i’m gonna try. just fyi.

    oh, and how to get invites ah? i wonder if it works for 2nd generation gmail accounts too. drop me a mail if u’re free k 🙂

  3. Yup, my friend bought a recent copy just a few months ago at Kinokuniya for RM 49.90.
    Better get it now before the movie comes out and the prices go up again… 😉

  4. Sarah: I bought the omnibus two years ago for 55 bucks…and it was well worth every little penny.

    Also worth checking out, the Dirk Gently omnibus, by the same author..

  5. Totally unrelated but I LOVE the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy!

    I saw the complete ‘trilogy of four’ at MPH 1 utama for only RM60 a few months ago! Your title only reminds me to save the money and get it.

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