The Great Gmail Invite Giveaway 3: GMAIL REVOLUTIONS!

The undisputed winner of the Gmail Invite Giveaway 2: Gmail Reloaded is Vanessa, whose little limericks were amusing and whose pics (which cannot be shown here, sorry) were hilarious! Thanks Vanessa! And happy Gmailing!

The other winner is Cedric Chin. His cousin, Bryan was the one who tried his hand at posting limericks, funny stories and stuff on Cedric’s behalf.

To the others who tried, but didn’t quite succeed – well it’s not over yet… πŸ™‚

And now for the last of the The Great Gmail Invite Giveaway trilogy!
For this one, I’m going to be giving away THREE (3) invites to open a Gmail account.

To get them, all you have to do is simply write a caption for any one (or two, or all) of the pictures below. The best caption for each picture wins! You can submit as many captions as many times as you like, but I can only give 1 invite per person.

You can post your captions (please indicate the pic in question) in my comments (include your valid e-mail address) or you can e-mail them to me at i want gmail AT sashiweb DOT com (remove spaces). Please mention your full name as well.

PICTURE A: Day After Tomorrow


PICTURE C: Football – Vinnie Jones and Paul Gascoigne

Deadline is 11.59 pm, Monday 21st June 2004 (note revised deadline). So hurry! The early birds get Gmail!


24 thoughts on “The Great Gmail Invite Giveaway 3: GMAIL REVOLUTIONS!”

  1. Just so yknow, that pic of daph peeing and the dog is already on nessa’s site, so you could post it up riiiiiiight?? hahaha

  2. I’m currently in the process of selecting the winning captions and will be mailing out the invites shortly. Please do check your Inboxes.
    Will post the results by end of day (hopefully)

  3. picture A:
    a. up came the sun .. and dried up all the rain!
    ( merrily sung to the tune of itsy bitsy spider )

    picture B:
    latex rubber gloves. made in malaysia. you’ll never solve a crime without it!

    picture C:
    a. vinnie commiting the indecent offence of handballs.

    b. and they blamed gazza’s loss of form on booze and drugs. if only they knew. ouch!

  4. vlad: dude, you didn’t give yr email – can’t invite without it.. or were you too just trying for fun? πŸ˜‰

    calvin: thanks man! will inform y’all by tomorrow.. πŸ™‚


    Picture A: “Look at all that snow…”
    Picture B: “Are these your gloves?”
    Picture C: “HEY!”

  6. Picture A:-
    Group: Oh my god, Roland Emmerich just sharted in his pants. No need to guess what he ate on the set.

    Picture B :-
    Guy: When I was a kid, mama used to shove this up my anus.
    Girl: Spare me the details.

    Picture C:-
    Vinnie: Oy soon in the future, I’ll be in a movie called Snatch.
    Paul: What is it about mate?
    Vinnie: There, isn’t it great?

  7. kurang_asam: dude, you already have gmail! but thanks anyway for participating… πŸ˜‰

    lomoch, ribsaj, dazehead, hansw: good try ppl, keep it coming! deadline’s monday night!

    zsarina: thanks for the offer of help, will take you up on it! πŸ˜‰

  8. picture A:
    girl: wow, is that really shashi over there?
    guy: he must be coz he’s all red
    specky guy: yup, and guess what, he’s got sh*ts too
    4th guy: it’s him right. who else wanna be a redsh*te around here? shashi was born with red blood.

    note: no offense. btw, those not familiar with liverpool rivalries, redsh*ite is a nickname given by everton supporter (that’s me!) to another liverpool supporter. it was just for the fun of it sashi!!! cheers

    picture b:
    guy: i found these at the rape scene and we know the suspect have been using these as condoms.
    pgirl: yeah, that means we have to call up the 10 suspects and try and put it on their penis of these 10 people and whoever fits into it is the person.

    picture c:
    vinnie: the football is punctured, could we use your?
    gazza: yeah, but dont’ take both….

  9. Hey there, nice blog and thanks for the cool contests.

    Picture B: CSI

    See, I have ten right here. Pass me the scissors and get ready for overtime tonight.

    ps: Did not copy concept from anywhere, heh

    Thank you

  10. ribsaj πŸ˜† i was thinking along the same line, but didn’t dare to dwell further into it, anyways…here goes…

    anyway, here’s my take
    Scenario 1
    Guy: You know why they call it safe sex?
    Guy: Because the Cops are watching.

    Scenario 2
    Guy:Care to give me a hand……. job?
    Girl: Tell you what, i will give you an anal probe so up your ass, you will think twice next time, when you try to use office equipment (gloves) for personal use πŸ˜†

  11. b: I dont have a condom, do you mind if I use these
    c: I have to go to the loo, I cant hold it any longer

  12. alternative6
    Guy: Oh save me the special effects, i rather stab my self to death, Less Painful that way.

    Guy:Imagine where my body will float after the tide has gone.

    camera man says to the group: smile, group hug. Say Ahhhhhh my Gawd. Any last wishes?

    guy: Nah, it can’t be. It’s just Steven Spieldbergo,
    up to his next big budget films again.

  13. PICTURE A: Day After Tomorrow
    Guy says to girl: so if i’m still the last man on earth, you are going to marry me right?

    Guy:Crap, who’s gonna clean up the mess after we are gone?

    Where’s the discovery channel, when you need them?

    When mother nature has her period, the whole world knows about it. She messed up big this time.

    Girl says to Gau: It’s not to late to admit you are a bad swimmer you know.


  14. picture c:
    gazza to vin: i’ll let you kick them too.

    picture b:
    let me glove you. err, love you.

    picture a:
    OMG a window!!!

    that’s all for now :]

  15. You truly are generous Sash πŸ™‚
    What was cedric’s/ brian’s winning entry?

    I’ve included my e-mail addy just in case you need an extra judge for this next giveaway πŸ˜‰ Or if you’ve got dirty jokes and pics lah πŸ˜†

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