Liverpool’s New Away Kit – ARGGHH!!

LFC Away Kit 2004/05

Oh no…..


9 thoughts on “Liverpool’s New Away Kit – ARGGHH!!”

  1. braindead: i don’t mind collecting away kits, but i’ll pass on this one. at least i can save my money this season…

  2. holy Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit !!!

    on the other hand… owen looks quit tall right? Considering he is less than a head shorter than hyppia.

  3. It makes the kit look like someone flicked cigarette ashes on it.

    Zsarina: oh, didn’t think about that. Will have to wait and see how Cisse looks in that. Again, ARGHH!

  4. Heh, I go with Norzu, why do they all look like they’ve got something up their arse?

    Now they look like walking Carlsbergs…oh the embarrassment. 😆

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