Send me an IM… please?

I have only just joined the ride that is the new and improved Yahoo! Messenger, approximately 2 months after its launch. Normally, I don’t go into this Instant Messaging craze, primarily becasue I used to connect to the Net via dial-up. Now that I have broadband, I’ve been going crazy and downloading scores of huge (legal and safe) freeware/open-source software. Also been downloading movies, MP3s (yes, there’s still some out there), and other stuff I cannot mention in case anyone who knows anyone in my family is reading this right now…

So I now am on Yahoo! Messenger. It is good. It has avatars, as mentioned by this blogger here. I have tried my level best (Do I sound like a politician? Forgive me, I try not to) to create an avatar that looks like me. Instead the avatar looks like a cool dude for whom the ladies can go all crazy – which, sadly, is definitely not me.

Anyway, you can now see (as indicated on the sidebar) whether I’m online or not, so feel free to send me an IM. Just please make sure you let me know who you are and how you came across my Yahoo ID, just to avoid any unpleasantness, ok?


9 thoughts on “Send me an IM… please?”

  1. such a download newbie..let me know some of the sites you downloaded the movies and MP3s from? Cheers! And you can add me to your IM!

  2. My god man…legal and safe? You sure or not? Unless you’re on Itunes or something of that wake, there is no way movies and mp3’s are going to be all legal…:P

    Oh…get Trillian for all your IM needs. It’s cooler too…:P

  3. LoL. No such thing as legal, unless you have a printing press we don’t know about. Hold on, maybe I’ll IM you…someday.


  4. Have been using Yahoo! Messenger for three years now. Couldn’t get accustomed to the new look released just a few weeks ago, and had to resort to installing the older version.

  5. Which website or medium are you using to download MP3s from? I’m using some program (LimeWire) and I find it very useful and easy to use. Not sure if you have to pay for it (too lazy to check it out, I’ll only know when the bill arrives at home). :D!! Problem is, I don’t have broadband so my internet speed is still extremely slow. Doesn’t stop me from downloading music though. 🙂

  6. I’m addicted to downloading movies and mp3s I tell ya… I get 99% of my movies and music from the internet… gawd, i sound like such a nerdy cheapskate. I do have a life! 😆 Too bad I don’t have yahoo messenger… we could chat and exchange download tips hehehe…

    Razzie: Blubster is good for mp3s… kazaa is pretty good too but there are loads of fake files floating around so doublecheck while you’re downloading. You could also check out and but their selection’s pretty limited & sometimes crappy.

  7. zsarina: heh heh i’ll let you know via IM eh?

    edrei: when i said legal and safe, I was referring to software, not MP3s.. although I do download songs by unknown/unsigned artists.. perhaps i should’ve mentioned that in the blog..

    strizzt: didn’t use YM previously, was a MSN guy, but what can i say.. me like new YM… 🙂

    ash: printing press? *looks guiltily around* of course not.. err.. who you’ve been talking to?… *gets passport out for emergency*

    ahlian: nope. me malaysian. 🙂 my great-grandparents were indian, if you wanna get picky… oh, and i don’t use MSN anymore.

    raZZie: kazaa for the.. ahem.. less than legal stuff… but there are a few mp3 sites out there that showcase unknown/unsigned acts, some of whom are pretty good.. google it and see.. 🙂

    sara: no YM? why not? get it lah… it’s cool! *gets 5 sen from Yahoo for plug*

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