Thaksin v Morgan

In a press statement released yesterday, Liverpool FC announced that they’re considering the two proposals made by Thai PM Thaksin Shinawatra and millionaire Reds fan Steve Morgan. They also state that Morgan’s bid (“The Bridgemere Proposal”) undervalues the club and is thus deemed unattractive. Although the statement does not explicitly say that Morgan’s bid has been rejected, the implication is that Thaksin is now in the driver’s seat and Morgan is going to have revise his plan if he wants his investment bid to be accepted.

The majority of Liverpool supporters (including yours truly) would prefer the club remain in the hands of Liverpudlians, but one does have to ponder the value of the Morgan bid.
According to some reports, Steve Morgan has valued the club’s shares at around £1500, while club officials say it’s nearer £4000. If true, then Morgan would be purchasing the shares at one-third of their value. Some say his real motive is only to unseat David Moores and take over control of the club.

We know that Morgan and David Moores just don’t get along. Although both have publicly stated that are willing to bury the hatchet, neither party can still see eye to eye on the club’s future. There is also no denying that both men are strong supporters of the club, something that cannot be verified about Thaksin Shinawatra.

In an ideal world, we’d like Morgan’s bid to be accepted (maybe at a higher value, eh Steve?), Moores stays on as chairman and majority shareholder with Morgan on the board as well, Martin O’Neill becomes manager, under-performing players are sold, Ronaldinho comes to Anfield, Liverpool win the treble and Man Utd and Everton get relegated.
Well, we can dream, can’t we?


7 thoughts on “Thaksin v Morgan”

  1. Why everton? I thought they’re sort of your adik angkat, being from merseyside and all.
    I hope Martin O’ Neill makes up his mind soon, about where he’s going next.

  2. Well, i wouldn’t use the word ‘hate’, but yeah, the inter-city rivalry is certainly far more intense than any match against Man Utd.

  3. Zsarina: Yes, I heard. Would rather wait for official confirmation though (Thaksin has a habit of jumping the gun…)

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