Liverpool FC press statement

Liverpool FC released a press statement yesterday regarding news of Thailand PM Thaksin Shinawatra’s impending investment in the club.

Liverpool FC today confirmed that it had received two indicative proposals for investment in the club. These will be presented to the Board of Directors.

A further announcement will be made in due course.

While one of the proposals is the one made by Thaksin, the other one is the 73 million pound cash injection bid made by Steve Morgan.

I have a strong feeling that many Merseyside-based Liverpool supporters would rather have the Morgan bid go through. Personally, I do too.

The suspense is killing me….


14 thoughts on “Liverpool FC press statement”

  1. Nik Nazmi: Not only is Morgan a real Reds supporter, he’s promising more money than Thaksin! You’d think it’d be a sure thing… but Moores obviously doesn’t get along with him, and that could be a key factor.

    Idlan: πŸ˜† Also Anfield’s McDonalds restaurant might be replaced by Tom Yam… We might see tv pictures of fans rushing to the loo at full-time!

    Adam & Sara’s mom: Yes, working class supporters are already being priced out of attending the matches, and to remove the club from the hands of Liverpudlians (yes, that is the correct spelling :)) would be a tragedy.

  2. Though Thai football would possibly benefit from this buy (they are talking about improving the standard of football among Thai youth), I would still think that Liverpool should remain owned by Liverpudlians (is that the right spelling?).

  3. In a year’s time, we will be able to buy the Original Fake Liverpool Jersey (TM) at all key boutiques in Thailand. Word has it that the Malaysian flagship store will be based in Rantau Panjang, Kelantan (not Klang); although in light of the non-government coalition status of the rulers of the State of Kelantan, it may be relocated to Padang Besar. The Thailand HQ stores, of course, will be based in Golok.

    Further updates to follow.

  4. Truly. Selling to Thaksin will be selling out to someone who is in it merely for political expediency and is notorious for human rights abuses. Selling o Morgan will keep it among supporters.

  5. Keat: It’s located near the statue, at the Kop side. Some pictures I took when I was there: here and here. You can see the McDonald’s Family Enclosure sign in the first one and the Golden Arches in the second one.

  6. Sashi: really? The only store I saw was the Anfield store.

    on which side is it? The Shankley gates side or the one with Shankley’s statue?

  7. Keat: Thanks for the kudos. Btw, yes Anfield does have a McDonalds. I’ve actually eaten there. Many stadiums nowadays have a restaurant within the grounds. Ahh, commercialisation, you just can’t escape it.

  8. ah… funny maybe i didn’t notice it… or maybe ’cause it’s friggin ’95

    hahaha…. but then I spent most of my time camping on the player exit tunnel to scrounge for some autograph.

  9. Idlan: What can I say, the family crowd loves McD’s! It was actually the first McD to open in a stadium in order to cater to the growing family supporters group.

  10. McD’s? Didn’t see it when we were an Anfield in December. We were so hungry when we arrived, could have gone for a bit there 😦

  11. keat: actually it’s friggin 1998.. my friend screwed-up the date on the camera when he meant to “correct” the time…
    didn’t see the mistake until the film was developed… πŸ™‚

  12. Adam & Sara’s mom: You know, it has been a long time (1998 was the last time I was there), so it is of course quite possible that McD’s may have been moved (or kicked) out since then.

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