Of dead fishes, smartcards, wrapped chicken special and a red devil

Hmm, it’s been a busy few days, so I feel compelled to update this blog of mine accordingly..

First up, news on the fishes. Despite Harry’s tragic death, and the subsequent sudden addition of many new fishes to the family, it seemed that everything was fine and peachy again in Fish City.
However, it was not to be. The new boys started ganging up on the Goldfish Gang, and terrorised them so much that we had no choice but to move the Aggressors to new lodgings – a humble fish bowl. This has turned out to be good news for the Goldfish Gang, and Itchy, Scratchy, Rocky and Sally are enjoying themselves once again. However, the lack of a common enemy for the Aggressors saw them turning against each other. The result is that Tiger and his relative, Gonzalez have been killed in action. Real ngeri stuff, this. For the time being meanwhile, a ceasefire of sorts seems to have been implemented, and the remaining Aggressors warily circle each other but continue to remain at fins length. For how long? The world waits with bated breath…..

In other news, we also decided to finally bite the bullet and brave the queues at the NRD (National Registration Department) and apply for the MyKad. The original plan was to go into the KL head office, but according to the taxi driver, “sekarang mesti jam nak mampus oi!“, so the decision was made to go to the PJ office. At the PJ NRD, we joined the queue, only for my parents to be informed that senior citizens can join the fast lane. So my parents ended up zipping through the entire process in less than half an hour. Poor old young me, I had to queue up like every other schmuck and wait my turn. Darn ageists! First I had to collect a number – which turned out to be 378 – and the number being served at the time? 130. According to a chart on the wall, the 300s will probably be called after 11 am, so we decided to get a drink and some makan nearby. Went to this mamak restaurant called Mamak Fusion or something like that (good chapattis) and after a while, we headed back to the NRD. After some more patient waiting, my number was finally called, and I proceeded to the counter. There, the (very nice and pretty) lady scanned the barcode on my current IC, and after downloading the information on to her computer, she asked me to place my thumb on the small fingerprint scanning device. After scanning both my thumbprints, she asked me to proceed to the camera counter to get my mugshot. There were several camera counters, so I just waited until one became available. The man behind the counter then asked me to sit down, look in the mirror and please, lower my head (I always have a tendency to strike a benevolent emperor pose, with my face looking up and towards the right). He then asked me to adjust my specs, cause they were reflecting the light straight into the lens, but I suggested that maybe it would be better if I just removed them. So I stared (I hope) straight ahead (sans glasses), and then just like that, it was over. A slip was handed to me, and the man said “Call us back in 6 weeks to 2 months”. Call you? Shouldn’t you guys be the ones to call me? No wonder so many MyKads remained unclaimed…..

Meanwhile, my cousin sister and her husband dropped by for a visit. Apparently, Doc Hubby was attending a seminar in KL (they’re based in JB currently) and brought wifey along (who, although is a doctor herself, was on leave). We went to have dinner at a Chinese restaurant in the Jalan Telawi area. We ordered some steamed fish, tauhu, kailan, and some other stuff that I forget. We also ordered (on the recommendations of the waitress) a chicken special where the boneless meat is wrapped in pandan leaves. We figured, why not? When the dishes finally arrived, the chicken special was hugely disappointing. Each piece was wrapped completely in pandan leaves, and after unwrapping them, all we were left with was very small meat portions. It didn’t taste half bad, but at their prices, I was expecting a lot more – literally. Anyway, the rest of the meal was good, and I noticed that the place seemed rather popular with the expats. Maybe I’ll bring some buddies over next time to check out the “Mat Salleh” chicks…

Finally, I went to watch my FIRST movie of the year in the cineplex – the last time was when I went to catch LOTR:ROTK. The movie, of course, is Hellboy (no, I’m not going to call it Super Sapiens – even the guy at the ticket counter referred to it as Hellboy – why the need to change the name anyway? The name was referred to constantly in the movie, so why not cut all those out if it was so objectionable? Gila betul penapis kita kan?)
Good flick, this. Highly recommended. Ron Perlman was very cool as the red demon, hopefully he finally gets the recognition he deserves after toiling all these years in relative obscurity, not including the now-ancient stint as Vincent in Beauty and the Beast. The other characters didn’t get too much screen time, although Abe Sapiens (voiced by David Hyde Pierce) did have some very funny lines. But the undisputed star was Hellboy and the director really did a great job conveying the personality that is the demon child raised to be a protector of mankind. Can’t wait for Hellboy 2….

Well, that’s about it then. Gotta go and catch the EPL highlights on Astro!


3 thoughts on “Of dead fishes, smartcards, wrapped chicken special and a red devil”

  1. Yeah, the people from the NRD will not call you. Instead, you’d have to check after two months. You can do so online though, to check if it’s done then you can go pick it up. 🙂 And I bet you won’t like the photo in your new MyKad. I didn’t like mine. *grins*

  2. yea, i had to help my mum & sis check online. they both applied for the new mykad together, but according to the NRD site, only my sis punya was ready, my mum punya still processing. idiots man i tell ya. turns out both cards were ready. btw, thks for linking me.

  3. razzberry: you’ll probably be right. i don’t come out well in photos! :o(

    oliviasy: no problem, thanks for linking me in turn! 🙂

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