It could have been 9-0!

The best match Liverpool have played this season by far! Beautiful flowing football, great passing and movement on and off the ball, storming performances by Stevie G, Owen, Kewell, Heskey, Riise, et al. No doubt Blackburn were awful, but at least this time Liverpool didn’t let them off the hook. Better finishing from Heskey, Murphy and even Stevie G (who really deserved a goal) could have seen Liverpool post their biggest ever win in the Premiership. All in all, a real good show to takes us back to 4th. Let’s keep it rolling, boys!!

Quote of the Day: “..I do not like to see teams humiliated, four was good enough.” Gerard Houllier, Liverpool FC manager


2 thoughts on “It could have been 9-0!”

  1. Agree with ya, that’s why I put that quote up. It’s patently ridiculous when a manager says something like that. Having said that, after a match like that, it was probably only appropriate for Houllier to focus on the bright side for the press, while spelling out the negatives for the team in the dressing room.

  2. Yep, it was a great match but I don’t think Houllier’s response was correct. It’s not about humiliation but about converting your chances. In this match we were fortunate to have so many chances but what about in tight matches? Would Houllier be as generous if our goal difference are the only thing separating the 4th and 5th place?

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